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Kathleen has experienced one setback after another in life but has always allowed her Intuition to guide her to the next step. This has allowed her to grow in all four areas of life: work, health, relationships, and wisdom. In following the guidance she has received, she has learned how to raise her vibration, therefore transforming her life. 

The changes came about very slowly at first, but have quickly begun to accelerate as she has become more and more in tune with her Intuition. Along with this higher vibration has come a tremendous sense of peace; a realization of her true calling in life; the ability to overcome self-limitations; and that her mission is to teach others how to develop this same sense of Presence for themselves.

Kathleen was raised in Chicago and started meditating at the age of 18, after receiving a gift from her mother to learn Transcendental Meditation. After several years of wanting to study pre-medicine, she met friends who were studying engineering, made an abrupt turn, earned a BS in Civil Engineering at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, and worked as an engineer for 15 years. Working in engineering caused her a tremendous amount of stress, and she also lost both parents when she was in her mid-20s. The combination of these two situations brought on chronic illness. A glimmer of hope came in though, as she met her husband-to-be and also became active in Life Spring, and adult development course popular in the 1990s. 

She left corporate engineering to start her own engineering practice and became active in multi-level marketing, and through the struggle involved with these two things, she was led to study the Silva Method. Sometime later, she and her husband made the move from Chicago to west Michigan. Here, she decided to switch from engineering, began studying naturopathy at the then Southern College of Naturopathic Medicine, and started a successful naturopathic practice. They also adopted a toddler son from Russia. 

Many issues developed in raising their son, which led Kathleen to search for more answers, and she came upon The Secret, where she became more familiar with the Law of Attraction and was introduced to one of her mentors, Marie Diamond. 

Another issue developed as a close friend of the family developed legal problems and depended upon her for extreme emotional support. “How can I deal with this?” was answered by finding a book on bookstore shelf entitled: How to be Happy, based on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. Kathleen began studying the teachings of the great master, and she continues to follow his teachings, practicing kriya yoga daily. 

Luckily, practicing kriya yoga has allowed her to become very in tune with her Intuition, because problems started to escalate in raising their son. 

Meditation was invaluable, but Kathleen realized that she needed help in maintaining the Peace of meditation in everyday life. Luckily, she was able to develop a strong sense of Presence in everyday life through studying the work of Eckhart Tolle. She also began to learn much about the world of energy through Carol Tuttle’s programs, especially: “Dressing Your Truth.” Carol also introduced her to Donna Eden and Eden Energy Medicine. Kathleen's Intuition guided her to become a student of Mindvalley Academy, where she became reacquainted with the Silva Method, began following Carl Harvey, and first learned about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or tapping. 

Kathleen was led to study EFT through EFT Universe and is now a certified EFT/INT-1 practitioner. 

She has continued to study with her mentor, Marie Diamond, including studies in Diamond Feng Shui, Basic  and Healing Dowsing, along with other more esoteric studies, and has become a Certified Diamond Life Coach under Marie's direct guidance. Through Carl Harvey, she has come across the teachings of Learning Strategies; Spring Forest Qigong; and Brendon Burchard. 

Kathleen has made many changes in her life, but several things have always remained: She has always been very Present along with being an excellent teacher…It's just that the subjects being tutored have changed over the years. Her life is a testament to the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

The fact that you are reading this indicates that you are ready for change, too. 

Let's work together to help you achieve that change for yourself!

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