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Question: There are so many life coaches...Why choose Kathleen Rafter?

Kathleen  is known for being super compassionate, loving, calm, wise, and an excellent teacher. She is also very Present and Intuitive, and these are all important qualities to look for in a coach. 

She will work with you not as your superior, but as your partner, to help you achieve your goals and manifest the lifestyle that you deserve. 

Question: What are Kathleen's credentials? 

She is a Certified Diamond Life Coach, personally trained by Marie Diamond, at

She is also a certified EFT/INT-1 practitioner, certified through EFTUiverse at 

Along with that, she has an extremely varied background, which has allowed her to develop into a knowledgeable and well-rounded life coach.

Kathleen has been meditating for 40 years, so that she is very Intuitive and Present.

Her background as an engineer has allowed her to develop a very analytic mind and the ability to develop effective plans-of-action, for herself and others.

Her background and experience in naturopathy and quantum physics gives her an edge over other coaches who may not have the same understanding of  physiology and energy.

She has developed successful relationships, in having been married for over 27 years, and in successfully raising an adopted son from a troubled background. 

Are you finally ready to create the life you've always wanted? 

Why wait any longer? Let's get started!

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