"Kathy Rafter may not walk on water, but she pulled off what seemed like a miracle in helping me move through the water faster. I was a consistently slow swimmer, and I wanted to improve my swim pace. When I worked with Kathy, I was swimming freestyle at about 1:10/50m. My goal was 1:00 or less/50m. I had an EFT session with Kathy to work on that goal. The next time I was at the pool after our EFT session, I was able to swim 50m in 58 seconds. A few months later I entered my first masters swim meet and did 50m in 52 seconds and in my 50m leg of a relay, 53 seconds.

Kathy is an amazing and effective EFT practitioner, and also a delight to work with."

~ Liz Zélandais, Madison, WI



"I was lucky to have Kathleen's support to bring me out from a frightening spell in my life.  I was living a nightmare where I woke up every morning with a fresh outbreak of pustules from hand eczema. It was spreading too.   The itch and irritation were so intense I couldn't function normally. It was torture, physically & emotionally.  On the fourth day, when Kathleen worked with me, the pustules subsided within 1 hour and I fell into a deep & restful sleep.   I have since made various other adjustments so this condition is now fully under control. But it was Kathleen's intervention that enabled the panic to calm down so I could think clearly and start taking control of my life again. Thank you, Kathleen. I am truly grateful." 

~ Ang Li Mei, Singapore

"Kathy has helped me in two major ways:1.) I have found some relief from allergies, and I can breathe a lot better now, since I've learned how to tap. 2.) Ever since I've tried to face one one my four major feng shui directions at any given time, I've found that I feel better...that I'm more calm."

~ RF, Kaliningrad, Russia

"Kathy's EFT process really helped me find my inner calm last December when I was in the middle of making Christmas preparations and packing for an extended trip to Mexico. In Mexico, we would be furnishing and getting systems up for a new condo. (Neither my husband nor I is fluent in Spanish.) It felt quite overwhelming. Kathy helped me reach a tranquil space from which to move out into the tasks that awaited. I am forever grateful."

~ Mary, Waunakee, WI



"My husband had purchased a piece of equipment for both of us to use. It was not the brand I would have bought. I had attempted to use it and  after spending several hours setting it up, I was getting more and more frustrated. It was not doing what it had been bought to do.

After working with Kathy, I was able to honestly and calmly speak to my husband about it. I was able to help him understand that it was not what I had wanted and it was not working for me. With his blessings, I was able to procure a model that had the features I wanted/needed and worked for both of us.

Guided by Kathy, tapping helped me gain perspective on the situation. As a result, both my husband and I were able to come to a solution that was beneficial to both of us.

Thank you, Kathy!"

~ Betty, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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